Midweek Manhattan

Initially I thought I had suffered minimally from the effects of Hurricane Irene. But I didn’t project the rescheduled NY Red Bulls – LA Galaxy game would be on a Tuesday night, conflicting with a Wednesday class I couldn’t miss.

With cheap return flights from Syracuse in hand, I made it just about possible to fit in a midweek trip to Manhattan. Here’s a guide of how to most efficiently spend 20 hours in New York CIty.

1) Arm yourself with plenty of reading material for the multiple commutes on planes and subways. Luckily my readings for that week only consisted of a paperback and the editorial in the New York Times.

2) Ride the E Train from Jamaica Center nearby JFK Airport. I swear to God, it was quicker on this express line to get to midtown than it does from Upper Manhattan.

3) Try and stay somewhere below 59th Street. This is where personal preference comes in to play. I opted to stay the night in Chinatown for $55. The downtown location is super good for sightseeing, bordering the quaint streets of Little Italy. I could finally get a decent haircut and some quality coffee. However, the “hotel” was not so great for sleeping. Who would’ve thought a 4×8 feet box with an opened wire cage ceiling, shared on a floor with 40 other plasterboard boxes, was not going to provide a restful slumber?

4) Throw away any concerns of having an eight-hour sleep. Four hours is sufficient. I don’t know if it was the espresso I had dangerously late in the day, the snoring man sleeping inches away from me or the paranoia of not having a charged cell phone to set an alarm so I could wake up in time to catch my flight. But my body clock decided 4am was a good time to get up. It did happen to be the perfect opportunity though to catch the sunrise off the Brooklyn Bridge and witness NYC start the day, Occupy Wall Street protesters permitting.