24-Hour Book printed in minutes

What might you expect would help make the 24-Hour Book? Writing utensils and a computer are the obvious first choices. Some would say a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be next.

However, one piece of technology vital to producing the 24-Hour Book will be Espresso Book Machine. The first copy will be freshly bound at the Brooklyn Public Library and available on the EspressNetdigital catalogue soon after the final word is typed. This promises a worldwide readership for the 24-Hour Book.

The Xerox machine takes a computer file and adds paper and glue to churn out a book within minutes, offering readers a wide selection of books almost instantaneously. Libraries and bricks-and-mortar bookstores worldwide are taking advantage of the technology and keeping hard-copy books alive.

Harper Collins, Hachette and Macmillan are some of the top publishers who have released their books on EspressNet, but the technology also presents another option for new authors to self-publish.

The machine can be found humming away in the Harvard Book Store, New York University’s Library in Abu Dhabi and even The University of Melbourne’s Custom Book Centre.

The Espresso Book Machine makes a tasty book and we’re pleased for the 24-Hour Book to be the beans.